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MBA in Malaysia

We help students to find best institute for their Master in Business Administration. Our professional education consultants provide absolutely free consultancy. Your quality education and better selection of the institute is our primary objective.

45,790 Students Enrolled
70+ Institutions
20+ Years Experience
Complete Care & Support for you

Looking for MBA course in Malaysia?

Either you are looking for full time, part time or online Master degree, we are here to help. Our professional education consultants have made the process very easy. Find out the following few points to find a best business school in Malaysia.

  1. Free Registration
  2. We find best MBA School in Malaysia
  3. Get Multiple Choices
  4. Choose your institute
  5. Schedule a Visit
  6. Register with Institute
  7. Start your education

1. Free Registration

We need to know more about you. That is why we offer free registration, where we collect some basic information of the student, your primary goals, selection of subjects, state, etc. It only takes couple of minutes for the registration. Don’t worry you are protected with our spam free privacy policy.

2. We find best MBA School in Malaysia

The job of our education consultants is to match your requirements with the best available business school. We consider quality of education and your budget alike.

3. Get multiple choices

Our education consultants usually reply within 24 hours. Along with the best possible multiple options of Business Schools available in Malaysia.

4. Choose your institute

You may ask additional questions or select one or multiple institutes. Students usually find our education consultants very helpful in all aspects. They use their expertise to find and match your interests with available business schools.

5. Schedule a Visit

Once you have chosen (one or multiple institutes), we schedule your visit to the institute(s). It gives you a much better understanding of education body and a complete visit to the campus. You may ask further questions with the institute administration during your visit.

6. Register with Institute

Your satisfaction is our priority. Once you are satisfied with the college or university, our education consultants help you to prepare all necessary documents to register with your chosen college or university.

7. Start your education

Great, all is done. Start your journey towards a successful career. In case, you need any help or support after this, we are still with you.

Full Time MBA in Malaysia
before you proceed, know who we are ?

We are education consultants based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With more than two decades of market experience, we offer free consultation for students (Yes! Absolutely free consultation, no hidden charges or agenda) who wish to proceed their Master in Business Administration in Malaysia.

We are associated with 70+ institutions in Malaysia which offer MBA. Our association with the selection of institutions depends on their international reputation, courses they offer and above all quality of study. Apart of our free consultation for students, we find out best tuition fee for students. If you register with us we offer special discounts and promotion packages to our students granted by education institutions. Don’t delay, register with us now.

What do we offer?
MBA (Finance)

Pursue your career in Finance with world recognized MBA degree.

MBA (Marketing)

Learn strategic marketing with world’s best universities.

MBA (Accounting)

Enhance your corporate accounting and management skills.

MBA (Human Potential Management)

Accomplish Human Management degree for a better career.

MBA (General Management)

Study time & general management skills to improve company growth.

MBA (Corporate Governance)

Specialize in Corporate Governance which caters for top managers.

Online MBA from UK University

Online MBA gives you the flexibility to complete your degree without leaving your current job or disturbing your schedule. If you have previous job experience you may enroll for a special top-up MBA programme. This online MBA programme is especially designed with world’s best university’s cooperation to develop the strategic thinking skills needed for organisations to understand business issues. This Online MBA degree is awarded by world’s leading UK University. For further details, get your free registration with us.

Online MBA Case Study

Have a look at some surveys. At Indiana University's Kelley School of Business, for example, online graduates are reporting average salary increases of 29% over their pre-MBA pay. At the University of North Carolina's Kenan-Flagler Business School, 76% percent of online students have received promotions or started new jobs while in the program. Students there also average 29% salary increases over their pre-MBA pay levels by graduation. Get your MBA degree with as little as 6 month with the programme Modules of Strategic Management, Research Methods & Academic Skills, Dissertation.

Is Malaysia good for MBA?

MBA Human Potential Management (MBA in Malaysia)

As per CIA factbook Malaysian economy stands at number 26 with the GDP of $312.4 billion us dollars. In 2017 Malaysian exports for Electrical machinery & equipment has crossed 68 billion us dollars. Quality of education stands at number 11 in world ranking, which is the main reason that many foreign country universities including US & Europe have their campuses in this amazing country. Good quality of education, economical education plans, excellent weather, multi diverse culture, growing economy & ease of access make Malaysia one of the best choice to consider for your MBA in Malaysia.

Cost of Living

With excellent quality of life, available options of high or low life styles, Malaysia still falls under the top 5 most affordable countries to live. As per Numbeo, the capital city Kuala Lumpur ranks 295th in terms of cost of living.

Affordable restaurant, house rents, transportation cost & education cost (which is one tenth of us education) makes Malaysia the best choice for international students.

  • 70+ Choice of Institutes

  • Discounts In Tuition Fee

  • 45,790 Admissions

  • MBA Full-time / Part-time

Cultural Harmony

Malaysia consists of 3 major races Malay, Chinese and Indians. Apart of these 3 major cultures there is a big number of Arab & Asian immigrants. As a foreign student it gives you the best opportunity to learn more about these cultures, their languages and taste their food.

The best and most notable thing is that you will be shocked to see their cultural harmony, the love, respect & honor of all these races towards each other is really remarkable.

Curriculum Options

This country offers a lot for foreign students, you may choose your programme as a full time or part time student, for 1 year or 2 year with many options from General MBA to marketing, finance, accounting, human potential management, corporate governance, online, etc. There are a lot more opportunities for your selection, talk to our education experts.

Future Opportunities

The country have so flexible plans for immigration & business policies. Government is developing their strategies to bring more skilled & professional people to engage with their economic growth. MTEP programme allows tech entrepreneurs to encourage and facilitate more professionals in country.

Apart from Government support & facilities, Malaysia’s strategic location make it perfect to establish new business or find new job opportunities. Border with Thailand & Singapore by road opens endless opportunities. The mentionable fact is Malaysia and Singapore border crossing is the most convenient and hassle free border crossing in the world.

Kuala Lumpur airport allows you to travel everywhere in the world with most affordable flights in south east asia.


What is your consultancy fee?

We provide all of our services abosolutely free of cost.

Can you get an MBA in 1 year?

Yes, there are a lot of private and public universities who offer 1 year MBA programme.

Are you associated with Private or Govenment Universities?

Our association covers 70+ institutes including top rated private and government universities.

Do you provide education consultancy for international students?

Yes, we provide local and international students to proceed with their admissions in top ranked universities in Malaysia.