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Part Time Courses

Part Time MBA - Malaysia

Part time MBA programme helps professionals to complete their degree without leaving their job.
At MBA in Malaysia, we strive to collect best MBA Part time courses available in Malaysia. Check our part time courses below or get in touch to speak with our education consultants.

Master of Business Administration

(Mode of Delivery: Conventional)

Teaching Method: Lecture & Tutorial, Full Time: 1 year, Part Time: 2 Years

March, July, November


The Master of Business Administration offers an integrated set of learning opportunities for students interested in mastering the skills and knowledge necessary for effectively participating in and managing modern organizations. The MBA programme prepares graduates to be business managers with managerial knowledge and skills that bring value to the organization.

The 12 areas of expertise or specializations which students can choose as their major for their MBA are:

  1. Business Analytics
  2. Financial Technology
  3. Investment and Financial Planning
  4. Risk Management
  5. International Business
  6. Global Islamic Finance and Banking
  7. Project Management
  8. Finance
  9. Marketing
  10. Entrepreneurship
  11. Management
  12. Human Resources


The Master of Business Administration program has three overall educational objectives:


Students graduating from the MBA program are

  • To produce graduates with good organizational communication skills, decision making, critical and analytical skills.
  • Graduating students will have an integrated knowledge of and demonstrated ability to perform as management professionals. Further, they will be prepared for continued learning throughout their career.
  • Students will have the positive perspectives and skills that create productive managerial leaders.

  • Are able to identify and assess challenges and opportunities.
  • Are academically prepared for a managerial career.
  • Have the necessary attitudes and skills to become more productive employees, and to continue learning.
  • Can communicate effectively.
  • Become managerial leaders in a variety of organizations.

Alumni are successful in their internal organizational endeavours or in other advanced studies.

Master in Strategic Human Resource Management

Full Time: 1 year, Part Time: 2 Years

March, July, November


The Master in Strategic Human Resource Management programme prepares graduates to be human resource managers who are capable of formulating human resource strategies that promote sustainable growth and development of expertise in organisations.


To enable graduates to

  • Articulate and apply human resource management theories and adopt the principles and best practices relevant to their organisation.
  • Perform as effective human capital managers in both public and private sectors.
  • Formulate, communicate, and implement strategic thinking processes involving cross-cultural communication and sensitivity to the needs of different cultures.


Ability to

  • Acquire and apply knowledge in the areas of human resource management for both localised setting and international environment.
  • Demonstrate relevant expertise and skills to provide leadership in strategic human resource management.
  • Engage in strategic and critical thinking with analytical, evaluative, and problem-solving skills when making strategic human resource management decisions.
  • Engage in effective cross-cultural communication skills and sensitive to social responsibility in a multicultural setting.
  • Articulate ethical issues in strategic human resource management as well as to provide leadership in social responsibility.
  • Lead and engage in lifelong learning at individual, group, and institutional levels.

MBA Part-Time

Duration 18 – 24 Months, Awarding body: University of Wales Trinity Saint David

Course Modules

Part One:

  • Managing Human Capital and Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Analysis and Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Research Methodologies

Option Modules (students can choose any two option modules from below)

  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Markets and Investment Analysis
  • International Business
  • International Marketing Management
  • Strategic Marketing

Part Two: Major Project

  • Integrated Case Study (OR)
  • Business Development Proposal (OR)
  • Dissertation